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Canadian True Crime Podcast



Canada has its own rapists and murderers. We also have serial killers, child molesters and mobsters. In other words, some of us just never say sorry. Canada True Crime Podcast creator and host Kristi Lee would know: for an ex-pat Australian, she is an impressively well-researched specialist on the least polite and genial of all Canadians. I thought did my homework on the Bernardo/Homolka case. Though I have read many articles, watched documentaries and read two books, I learned a considerable amount of new data from her show as I listened to the two-part episode on the case. She’s that good.

One thing Lee understands very well about Canada is that we are uneasy about selling ourselves in the way of extolling our virtues. She understands this because it seems to reflect her own temperament to a tee. It is as if she were a Canadian in a former life and was accidentally born in Australia. I can almost hear Lee blush as she downplays the circumstances in which she prepares and records her very slick and polished show. She made a point of mentioning in the debut episode that she records in a walk-in wardrobe so that she wouldn’t lead us astray into thinking that she sits before a ten-foot mixing board in an actual recording studio. If she hadn’t described the circumstances of the show’s production, I would never have assumed it was produced by amateurs with inferior equipment because it simply isn’t. Kristi Lee and her production partner Erik Krosby are pros. Period. This show can serve as an example and inspiration to anyone looking to produce their own podcast: you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and rent expensive real estate to achieve excellence in podcasting. Canadian True Crime Podcast is all the evidence you need.

Kristi reads from scripts she writes herself and they are so richly informative that they could serve as an educational aide for students of criminology and the curious alike. Indeed, Lee digs deep down between the headlines and exposes details that didn’t make the papers. My knowledge of Reena Virk’s murder has increased tenfold because I listened to that episode.

Though Lee takes a compassionate stance for the sake of the victims and their loved ones, Lee does not harangue her listeners with hysterical moralizing and it isn’t waterlogged by schmaltz. This podcast is the work of a journalist, whether or not she identifies herself as such. The common Canadian crime reporter could learn a thing or two from Kristi Lee.


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